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Feb. 23rd, 2009 @ 09:06 am Upcoming classes

Living Wicca Series 2009
Each workshop will be from 1PM - 3:30 PM. Workshops will be held at
the West Chester Wellness Center, 828 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA
19380, unless otherwise noted. Donation of $5.00 requested to assist
with space rental costs.

Questions? Email me here or at LivingStars@sacredwheel.org.

March 15, Week One: Creating Sacred Space
In this workshop, students will gain hands on experience in creating
sacred space and calling the Four Sacred Directions. We will talk
about the many ways different cultures have established sacred space
and defined what it means to be in sacred space.

March 22, Week Two: Invocation
Who are the Gods and Goddesses you wish to invite to your circle?
What is the meaning of invocation? What are some of the whys and
wherefores of calling in particular deities? As in the Cast and Call
workshop, students will gain hands on experience in invoking the

April 5, Week Three: The Many Meanings of Initiation
In this workshop, we will discuss the trials, tribulations, pitfalls,
and joys of the initiatory path. We will talk about the different
approaches to initiation and why or why not one might wish to be a
seeker on this path.

April 12, Week Four: African Gods and Goddesses
The continent of Africa is one of the most wondrous places in the
world: a place where nearly all temperate zones exist, and where
diverse peoples of diverse spiritual and ethnic backgrounds have co-
existed for thousands of years. In this class, we will explore the
deities of West Africa, their symbols and rituals, and ways in which
they have crossed the Atlantic.

April 19, Week Five: Isis, Lady of Magick: A Workshop and Ritual
Isis was a great Goddess of Egypt, but her fame and worship was
widespread during the Pre-Christian era, and went beyond the
boundaries of Egypt. Isis is a Goddess of many attributes: a Goddess
of Love, of Motherhood, of Magick, as well as possessing a Trickster
aspect. If she takes you under her Patronage, you are blessed indeed.
In the workshop portion of this class, we will explore the history
and mythology of Isis, and in the ritual portion, we will encounter
the magick of Isis.

May 3, Week Six: Beltaine Ritual
To Be held at Ridley Creek State Park. More information to follow
shortly as to which pavilion we will be using.

May 10, Week Seven: Bringing Celtic Myth Into Your Life
An overview of the celtic pantheon and myth cycles focusing on how
those stories are relevant in our lives as magickal people.

May 24, Week Eight: Deities of the Baltic Region
Discover these little known deities worshipped in and around Russia
and the Baltic

June 7, Week Nine: Full Moon Ritual:
To be held at Ridley Creek State Park. More information to follow
shortly as to which pavilion we will be using.

June 14, Week Ten: Healing with Stones and Colors
In this class, we will explore the meanings of color and specifically
how color relates to the energies emitted by rocks, crystals, and
semi-precious stones.

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